Honorable Mention

This piece earned me an Honorable Mention in Writers of the Future for 3rd Quarter 2020, Volume 37. It was my first time ever submitting to this competition and I am beyond thrilled with the recognition.

The Story

Orphaned and starving in the final days of the conflict, Petra is forced to flee her beloved but war-torn ancestral home. She goes into the forest, where she finds help, hope, and a new purpose... but as she discovers the truth of the Valley's history and begins to fall for a powerful, jaded creature of lore, she must decide: what future does she really want, and what price is she willing to pay for it? What does healing really look like?

Inspired by the local legend of the Heinzelmaennchen and set in an alternate post-WWII Rheinland, this story will delight fans of Katherine Arden's The Bear and the Nightingale and Naomi Novik's Uprooted.

Next Steps

I am actively looking for publications where T&T would be a good fit, especially magazines and anthologies. (I don't intend to stretch it into a novel, but I'm open to convincing.) If you have any leads, ideas, or suggestions on this point, I would love to hear from you!